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Our Solutions

We have a set of expertise developed over more than 25 years in the industry. We offer a number of services for building owners, from initial consultancy and feasibility studies, through to centre design and financial modelling, and full centre management services.

Feasibility and Consultancy

Our experience in Business & Innovation Centre management, coupled with the tools we have developed makes us well placed to assess the feasibility and likely performance of a potential Centre. We have undertaken a number of studies for both public and private sector clients, as well as providing a range of data and information to inform policy and planning decisions, funding bids and investments. This includes:

  • 10 year economic impacts of a new Centre (gross jobs created, gross GVA)
  • Operational plans and reviews of all current activity including sales, marketing, facilities management and staffing
  • Models for delivering business support, including calculating the cost per job created

Innovation Centre Design and Financial Modelling

Over the last four years we have been researching the ‘ideal’ Innovation Centre. From this we have created the ‘Concept IC’ which is a design modelling tool using a theoretical combination of what has worked best over Oxford Innovation’s 25 years of operating centres. Using this information and a range of benchmarking data and assumptions, we can model a 10 year business plan for any actual or theoretical centre.

We can use this model to optimise centre design from a financial sustainability and economic impact perspective, whilst also working within planning constraints and considering how the centre will be engaging for customers as a space to work in.

It is also updated to incorporate new benchmarking data and reflect emerging trends such as the market shift towards shared work-hubs and co-working spaces.

Innovation Centre Management

Our existing portfolio of Business & Innovation Centres is diverse and unlike the traditional serviced office market, we embrace this with individual branding and empowered local centre management teams. Ultimately, this is underpinned by quality-accredited processes to ensure consistency and delivery of financial and economic outputs. This makes us ideally positioned to support building owners, whether you are considering:

  • A new build centre
  • Converting empty or redundant property, or
  • Improving the performance of an existing centre

If you think we could support you with your Business & Innovation Centre project, please contact Jo Willett on 01865 261489 or