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Outreach Business Support

Outreach business support is primarily delivered through the Spark Business Idea Programme.

At a number of our centres we run our outreach business support and start-up programme called ‘Spark’ that aims to support new and existing entrepreneurs with establishing or growing their business.

Spark aims to provide access to valuable, high quality business support to ignite business ideas and growth aims and turn them into commercial realities.

The business support is provided in a range of forms, including an interactive, informative website with downloadable fact sheets and videos, workshops, seminars, drop in surgeries and 1 to 1 business coaching. At the end of the programme we run a business idea competition with support from local partners to provide prizes and cash funding to kick start business plans.

We have run Spark programmes in several of our centres, so for more information about each programme, visit the following websites:

The core process and components of the scheme have been refined and improved over time, so we know that they work. However, the programme can be adapted to suit the needs of the local economy and the objectives of the client where necessary.

If you are interested in running a Spark programme to ignite business ideas and stimulate growth in your local area, please contact our Business Support Director, Rachel Panther on 01865 261489 or use the contact us form.

Or, for a full flavour of Spark, watch the video below.