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Head-to-Head with Ella Seys, our Oxford Innovation Intern for the week

Ella Seys has joined us for a week work experience at Oxford Innovation. She will be working within the head office teams at Oxford Innovation and learning what we do as a company. We asked her a few questions about herself and learnt what she is wanting to get from a week work experience with us.

What are you studying at school?

At school I am currently coming to the end of year 10, my first year of optional subjects for my GCSE’s, next summer. I decided to choose GCSE PE and business studies for my non-compulsory subjects as I really enjoy physical PE and some areas of biology; the combination of GCSE PE. I was torn between media and business however I chose business as I thought it would help me more in the future and allow more job placements. For a language out of French and German I took German as I personally found it easier than French, at the time, although now I find it very difficult and unfortunately don’t enjoy it as much anymore. Between the options of geography and history I chose geography as I find it more suited for me, as a lot of it is common sense or I enjoyed it – especially natural disasters because I find that very interesting to study. However, I contemplated history for a while as I found It intriguing to learn about the past and how that has shaped our country and the people in today’s modern life. The other subjects which I had to take consist of maths, English, Religious Studies and Science. Up until now, I did find maths very challenging, but I got a tutor and a better teacher in year 10 which has made me had a better understanding regarding the topics; this had made my grades increase and made me become more likely to pass confidently next year. I extremely enjoy English and that is my best grade as I’m already passing at a level 7 – the equivalent to an A. Out of the three I have to take, I enjoy biology the most compared to physics and chemistry as personally I find those two very hard, and then lastly I don’t mind re as it gains a good understanding of different religions and culture. This is good because people can learn to respect others and not be closed minded.

What is your favourite subject at school?

Without a doubt, my favourite subject is by far core PE. I am a very sporty person as I love to work as a team and be active because it makes me feel good and stress free. Also, I have a great relationship with the PE teachers due to recently becoming a PE prefect, however I have always been in their office helping and building friendships ever since year 7. I will be very upset to leave them next year; the PE teachers have been a massive part of my secondary school experience. The actual PE lessons themselves are at a great standard, as my school is a ‘sports college’, this allows a fun hour developing new skills and interests – it has opened new opportunities such as becoming on the athletics team for competitions and gaining a place on the 1st team for netball. I didn’t have these opportunities in my primary school. Moreover, this subject has really shaped the person I have become and allowed me to have some good qualities such as a leader, which I developed doing the leadership course and now being a PE prefect.

What are you hoping to do after GCSE’s?

After my GCSE’s I hope to go to Farnborough sixth form, close to where I live in Woking, and study GCSE PE, business and law. I want to continue on studying PE and Law as I think they suit me very well and I never find the subject boring – every topic is  interesting and important. I have gained a better understanding of muscles and bones for example, as well as how a business grows externally as another example. I desire to study Law as I think it will benefit me in the future with some jobs and so far, reading through the course, I think I will really like studying it.

What do you like to do at the weekends?

On Saturday morning, I have my maths tutor which personally I don’t mind anymore as it gives a sense of accomplishment when I have worked out one of the exam questions. After that sometimes I go into town with my mum, I have always done this, as it gives me some time with her, and we like to have a joke together; which can always be funny. I also quite like shopping – as it can give me some inspiration and insights into the latest trends, or I many see something that I want to buy. Such as a jumper from Topshop or a Pandora charm to add to my bracelet.  I then go home and get ready to go to dance, where I have ballet and tap as in the weekdays, I have contemporary, modern, the competition class and limbering (this is a class to work on technique prior to kicks, leaps and pirouettes and flexibility). I love dancing as it has given me some fantastic opportunities like competitive dancing and improved my confidence due to having a solo; as well as the group dances, for the comps, have also developed some really good friendships outside of school therefore it is nice to spend my Saturday afternoons. In the evening, especially in summer I tend to meet my other friends around where I live or go out and do something like a meal or cinema, as the weather is nice, and the sun doesn’t go down until late. On Sunday morning, I like to lie in because the rest of the week I tend to get up early for school and then tutoring classes – I may watch Netflix for a little bit and then eventually have breakfast. I will either revise, depending if I have exams, or do my school work and then do something else like go see my friends again, or go to the gym. In the evenings I tend to relax and get ready for the upcoming week; I may have a meal with family like if my grandparents or family friends come to our house.

What is your favourite brand and why?

I personally cannot choose one brand to narrow down to my ‘favourite’. There are many different shops that I adore for different reasons, for example the shop I like the most online is misguided as the quality is very good and it is reasonably priced. They also have a wide variety of clothes and accessories. Otherwise, my favourite shop could be either Topshop or Victoria’s secret pink but ‘pink’ isn’t in many shopping centres close to me – therefore it is a bit of a treat when I buy something from there as I don’t always have the opportunity to do so. Although they can be quite pricey, the quality is phenomenal and last a very long time; it is worth the money spent. Topshop is also one of my favourites as it is very appropriate for my age group, 15, and all of the clothes are well suited to my taste. For the quality that they convey in the clothes the price is reasonable which is a win – win for everyone. The majority of me and my friends’ clothes come from Topshop, quite simply as it is attractive and comfy.

What qualities do you have?

I personally think I am a hardworking and resilient person however I also know how to have a good time and not let to much drag me down, into stress. Overall, I would say I am a bubbly person if you knew me. I tend to smile quite a lot and make people feel welcomed if I have the responsibility, for example leading a sporty activity in school, my intentions are to make people have a nice time and be comfortable. I would like to think that people can talk to me if they have a problem as I would say I am kind and can cheer people up – I don’t like seeing people upset. With the advantage of being a pe prefect I would say I am a good leader and know how to make other people have fun; doing this makes you enjoy the time and enable yourself and become more confident, prior to the activity or situation.

Who is your role model?

My role model is Maddie Ziegler, as she is an amazing dancer and inspired the life of many young dancers. Once, she helped a little girl had brain surgery and went to Abbey Lee Miller, where Maddie danced and the TV show ‘dance moms’ was filmed, and Maddie gave her a private dance lesson with basic steps – to boost the girls confidence. She was told that she could never dance again and then Maddie changed this. The girl went to Maddie’s comp and got given Maddie’s 1st place trophy – after a huge speech given by Maddie, in front of a lot of people. This act of kindness was noticed by many and Maddie has changed her life massively.

And finally, what are you hoping to achieve whilst doing work experience at Oxford Innovation?

This week I hope to achieve a new insight in adult life regarding the working environment, obviously different to a school life. I think work experience will give me an idea on what I would like to do in the future, however I mostly want to take away new skills such as independence and innovative. These two skills benefit and complement each other nicely and will be an advantage in most aspects in life, helping certain areas. I also want to see how different sectors, of the business, combine together to produce an efficient company.

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